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August 2019 Bold360 Product Updates

We’re excited to announce some new product updates and enhancements to the Bold360 product that we think you’ll be excited about. We’ve been working hard and listening to our customer’s feedback and have recently rolled out some enhancements to the Bold360 Agent and AI products. Below is a list of these enhancements. Keep an eye out for more information and a live webinar that will provide more detail in regards to these enhancements:

Bold360 Agent & Service Updates

  • Common Identity Update – Beginning phase towards unified login, newly created agents will require a unique email address
  • Chat Flagging – Easily mark a chat work item for later review and follow-up
  • Email & Message Preview in Monitor View – See Email, SMS, and Facebook Messaging work items and the full contents of the work item within the Monitor view
  • Accessibility Updates – New addition of text zoom for Web Workspace as well as updated shift+tab keyboard navigation of layered window
  • Chat during full-screen remote control – Maintain the chat in view of the remote control session to easily communicate while providing full-screen remote support
  • IP Whitelisting for Web Workspace login – Restrict the networks that agents are allowed to log into the Web Workspace from to easily manage access

Bold360 AI & Service Updates

  • Conversational Designer and Entities Update – Updates on new conversational designer workflow and migrating to CSV providers to new Entities
  • Search Optimizer 2.0 – New task-based interface for managing customer voices in prep for the upcoming launch of this feature
  • Mobile SDK Update – Updates to Harmony mobile SDK for file upload and custom auto-complete results for Android
  • Advise widget availability – For Advise customers, new widget available for deploying AI-powered knowledge internally
  • Geofluent support for Search widgets – For Geofluent subscribers, Search widgets now support translation of articles
  • Japanese support for Conversational widgets – Konnichiwa!

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